We at KCL NeuroSoc believe that we are a generation of change.
Not only are we as students part of one of the fastest growing fields, bringing new innovations that have been groundbreaking especially in healthcare. Through our studies and work, we are changing many people’s lives.
We also believe that we can further help this by supporting charities that stand with us in giving everyone an equal and fulfilled life.

One of which is the Spinal Injuries Association.
Spinal cord injuries can be quite prevalent amongst a wide population, particularly the young, and has profound life changing consequences. The SIA’s stance that everyone has the right to live a fulfilled life with all the same opportunities as everyone else is one that we stand firm with.
Therefore their work to deliver life-long support to those injured and their families is one we want to uplift.

To find out more on their work as a charity and donate to the cause, their website give everyone access to advice, facts, and further information.